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from enum import Enum, unique
import functools
from typing import Union, Optional

import requests
from retrying import retry
import pandas as pd

from .common import LRU_CACHE_SIZE, MAX_ATTEMPT_NUMBER, to_datetime

class Language(Enum):
    pt = "pt"
    en = "en"

class SearchURL(Enum):
    pt = ""
    en = ""

class SearchMethod(Enum):
    code = "localizarSeriesPorCodigo"
    text = "localizarSeriesPorTexto"

class Columns(Enum):
    pt = {
        "start": "Início  dd/MM/aaaa",
        "last": "Últ. valor",
        "code": "Cód.",
        "frequency": "Per.",
        "name": "Nome completo",
        "source": "Fonte",
        "unit": "Unid.",

    en = {
        "start": "Start  dd/MM/yyyy",
        "last": "Last value",
        "code": "Code",
        "frequency": "Per.",
        "name": "Full name",
        "source": "Source",
        "unit": "Unit",

def init_search_session(language: str) -> requests.Session:
    Starts a session on SGS and get cookies requesting the initial page.


    language: str, "en" or "pt"
        Language used for search and results.
    session = requests.Session()
    search_url = SearchURL[language].value
    return session

def parse_search_response(response, language: str) -> Optional[list]:
    HTML = response.text

    not_found_msgs = ("No series found", "Nenhuma série localizada")
    if any(msg in HTML for msg in not_found_msgs):
        return None

    cols = Columns[language].value
    START = cols["start"]
    LAST = cols["last"]

        df = pd.read_html(HTML, attrs={"id": "tabelaSeries"}, flavor="lxml")[0]
        df[START] = df[START].map(lambda x: to_datetime(x, language))
        df[LAST] = df[LAST].map(lambda x: to_datetime(x, language))
        col_names = {
            cols["code"]: "code",
            cols["name"]: "name",
            cols["frequency"]: "frequency",
            cols["unit"]: "unit",
            cols["start"]: "first_value",
            cols["last"]: "last_value",
            cols["source"]: "source",
        df.rename(columns=col_names, inplace=True)
        cols = [
        df = df[cols]
    except (IndexError, KeyError):
        return None
        return df.to_dict(orient="records")

[docs]@retry(stop_max_attempt_number=MAX_ATTEMPT_NUMBER) @functools.lru_cache(maxsize=32) def search_ts(query: Union[int, str], language: str) -> Optional[list]: """Search for time series and return metadata about it. :param query: code(int) or name(str) used to search for a time serie. :param language: string (en or pt) used in query and return results. :return: List of results matching the search query. :rtype: list_ Usage:: >>> results = sgs.search_ts("gold", language="en") >>> len(results) 29 >>> results[0] {'code': 4, 'name': 'BM&F Gold - gramme', 'unit': 'c.m.u.', 'frequency': 'D', 'first_value': Timestamp('1989-12-29 00:00:00'), 'last_value': Timestamp('2019-06-27 00:00:00'), 'source': 'BM&FBOVESPA'} """ session = init_search_session(language) URL = "" "" if isinstance(query, int): search_method = SearchMethod.code elif isinstance(query, str): search_method = SearchMethod.text else: raise ValueError("query must be an int or str: ({})".format(query)) url = URL.format(search_method.value) params = { "method": search_method.value, "periodicidade": 0, "codigo": None, "fonte": 341, "texto": None, "hdFiltro": None, "hdOidGrupoSelecionado": None, "hdSeqGrupoSelecionado": None, "hdNomeGrupoSelecionado": None, "hdTipoPesquisa": 4, "hdTipoOrdenacao": 0, "hdNumPagina": None, "hdPeriodicidade": "Todas", "hdSeriesMarcadas": None, "hdMarcarTodos": None, "hdFonte": None, "hdOidSerieMetadados": None, "hdNumeracao": None, "hdOidSeriesLocalizadas": None, "linkRetorno": "/sgspub/consultarvalores/telaCvsSelecionarSeries.paint", "linkCriarFiltros": "/sgspub/manterfiltros/telaMfsCriarFiltro.paint", } if search_method == SearchMethod.code: params["codigo"] = query else: params["texto"] = query params["hdTipoPesquisa"] = 6 response =, params=params, timeout=10) response.raise_for_status() results = parse_search_response(response, language) session.close() return results