Source code for sgs.metadata

from typing import Optional, Dict, List, Union

import pandas as pd

from .search import search_ts

[docs]def metadata(ts_code: Union[int, pd.DataFrame], language: str = "en") -> Optional[List]: """Request metadata about a time serie or all time series in a pandas dataframe. :param ts_code: time serie code or pandas dataframe with time series as columns. :param language: language of the returned metadata. :return: List of dicts containing time series metadata. :rtype: list_ Usage:: >>> CDI = 12 >>> INCC = 192 # National Index of Building Costs >>> df = sgs.dataframe([CDI, INCC], start='02/01/2018', end='31/12/2018') >>> sgs.metadata(df) [{'code': 12, 'name': 'Interest rate - CDI', 'unit': '% p.d.', 'frequency': 'D', 'first_value': Timestamp('1986-03-06 00:00:00'), 'last_value': Timestamp('2019-06-27 00:00:00'), 'source': 'Cetip'}, {'code': 192, 'name': 'National Index of Building Costs (INCC)', 'unit': 'Monthly % var.', 'frequency': 'M', 'first_value': Timestamp('1944-02-29 00:00:00'), 'last_value': Timestamp('2019-05-01 00:00:00'), 'source': 'FGV'}] """ info = [] if isinstance(ts_code, pd.core.frame.DataFrame): for col in ts_code.columns: col_info = search_ts(col, language) if col_info is not None: info.append(col_info[0]) else: info.append(None) else: col_info = search_ts(ts_code, language) info.append(col_info) return info